Monday, February 29, 2016


PRESSED FOR LUCK's time is running out!  Only 6 more hours to get your free copy of this short story.

I have started my first nonfiction work, a book on revenue stamps printed in Mexico.  The working title of this philatelic work is THE DISTRICT OVERPRINTS FOUND ON REVENUE STAMPS OF MEXICO.  It will take 2 months to get the first draft done, and it will be available on Create Space (Amazon print-on-demand).

I told my friends on Twitter:  #amwriting Golly, what's going to happen when I start writing nonfiction? Will my friends abandon me?

For my SPECIAL, SPECIAL friends, who read my unpublished manuscripts way, way back before I ever tried publishing, an announcement:  SAMMY LEMKIN, the protagonist of my first novel, HERO OF DREAMS, OR THE MAKING OF SAMMY LEMKIN, will appear in cameo in a short story I am planning.  The working title for the short story is:  THE SIRIUS SLIM CONVERGENCE, although this might change as it sounds a bit too much like an episode of the Big Bang Theory.

Apparently, I am impoverished enough at character creation that I have to just re-using the same poor saps over and over again...

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