Thursday, February 18, 2016

My collection of short stories, TWENTY TWELVE is available.  See it at Amazon:

This represents more of my "Full Blown" work than Inclemency.  One of the short stories in this volume, COCTEAU'S ANGEL, was runner up in the PNWA writer's contest in 2013.  Another, MISSING LINK, was reviewed by Terry Bisson, who gave me a short blurb in exchange.  I feel a few of the 17 stories in this volume (18 if you include Inclemency) are amongst the best I've written.  THE VOID is my personal favorite, because of the unusual perspective of beings which might be sub-sub-atomic particles, OR they may be ordinary people interacting on social media.

More on this volume to follow, stay tuned.  Including a GIVEAWAY CONTEST where you can get a copy for FREE, just by watching an "Nthuziman" video from BRUCE NELSON.


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