Thursday, October 10, 2013

My novella, Inclemency, is now available through Amazon in Kindle format.  90 pages of strangeness for only 99 cents!

Check it out:

OK, I've taken the plunge to self-publishing.  This was largely because of what I've perceived as a sea change in the industry:  Last year, at the PNWA Conference, Amazon and other self-publishing outlets were conspicuously absent.  The clarion call seemed to be:  Don't give up!  Don't turn your back on traditional publishing!  Self publishing equals oblivion and death!  This year, in contrast, an entire day of the conference seemed to revolve around self-publishing outlets, and an entire team from Amazon was present.  Some people still gave warnings or cautions, but many more presented new, e-outlets and self publishing as a viable way to get your work into reader's hands.  And that's basically what it is all about:  Readers, not editors or agents.

Keep tuned for updates.